Thursday, December 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home... Not A Dream Anymore^_^

Posted by engi at 12:54:00 PM
Have our own home will always be everyone's dream. For me, I want to have a small house with two floors, green garden in front yard and wide back yard. Have swimming pool at the back yard will be awesome^_^ A place with good neighborhood where I could raise my future children well. I'd like to have minimalist or modern home design.Let's see... I have some design that I like...

 Modern small house with pool, 4 sides view from different room, a lot of big windows and transparency. Nice!

 This kind of back yard = AWESOME^_^

Eco friendly house... Good Concept!! be honest, to buy this home of my dream cash will be hard for me. My current saving won't be enough to buy a nice house... T_T If I insist to wait and buy cash it will take about 20-30 years to have it.. NO!!! That will be to long T_T I'm sure there will be a way to get mortgage to built or to buy a house. But I don't know where to start to find information about it. I talked to my friend, Dan. He have mortgage since last year, he bought a nice small house in South Carolina when he decide to marry her long term girl friend. According to Dan, to get mortgage approval from the lender we must have A good credit records of our loans including credit cards or others loan. For me good credit records is not a matter^_^ I had good record from my previous vehicle loan. The Lender even offer me  to get another kind of loan since according to them I'm a good customer, LOL

Well, with steady income and good credit record I'm sure that I'm quite reliable. But to find the right lender that suit with my finance condition and needs is quite difficult. Dan advise me to get professional advice. According to his experience he got everything from FiveStarHomeMortgage, they help Dan to find the right type of mortgage that suit his needs, helping to find the right lender so that he can save more money on his home purchase. FiveStarHomeMortage cover mortgage along USA and Canada, it's quite wide range. Wow.. that's what I call complete set!! Can't hardly wait to contact them^_^

PS: Thanks to Dan for this information!^_^


Qori said...

rumah yang kaya begitu jarang ditemukan di Indonesia, nih kayak di Amerika aja blognya ya, pake bahasa Inggris.

engi said...

Iya bang, namanya juga rumah impian.. bole donk terinspirasi ma yang diluar sana^_^
Iyah, lagi belajar bahasa Inggris nih aku.. makanya pake Inggris2an:D
Btw.. thanks uda mampir yah!

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