Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are You Missing Me Dad?

Posted by engi at 7:13:00 PM
I woke up with tears in my eyes this morning. I can't hold my self to stop crying..

I was dreaming met my Dad in my parents house. He sat in our two seater chair. He looks young around 30-40 years old, he's smiling. Somehow I kneel in front of him, watching him. I realize he's already die, that's why I was very happy to met him.

I asked him, "How are you there Dad?"
He only smile and see my face...

I asked him again, "Can I hug you?"
He smile again and grab my hand, I hug him so tight.. I can feel him for so real. I started to cry when he caress my back..I can feel him.. I really can feel him.. I miss him so much and don't want to let him go. But then we are apart, he's suddenly gone.. I woke up with tears in my eyes.. It was so real..

Is it true my Dad's soul come and visit me? I hope so... because it's so real and I can feel him, I was touch him... But only God knows what happened.

Are you missing me Dad? Cuz I miss you so T_T


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