Sunday, July 31, 2011

RIP Mbus Tsurara

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RIP our beloved cat
2007 - 31st July 2011 (6:30PM)

Tomorrow will be the beginning of Ramadhan. It should be a happy moment. But God took our beloved cat to his side. May peace always be with her. We love you baby girl! T___T

Still cannot believe that u're gone. You're as pretty as usual when u're sleeping T___T

Saturday, July 30, 2011


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I've been so unproductive today. After took 2 hours nap which was too much. I felt so sleepy all day. I fell asleep when i was writing some stock report at 7 pm. Missed so many tasks that should be done today. What a pain! Gomen ne..

Thursday, July 28, 2011


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Semangat itu datang dan pergi, naik turun seperti roller coaster. 
Jangan terlalu curam, jangan terlalu curam, bisa pusing dibuatnya.
Sekali-kali butuh menampar diri sendiri jika terlalu lama teronggok di dasar roller coaster.
Waktunya bangun dan melesat lagi, cepat dan keep on track.
Mungkin seharusnya tak mempertahankan bentuk roller coaster karena posisinya sangat tidak stabil.
Kereta shinkansen, yah! Usul yang bagus.
I'll change to shinkansen track.
It's fast and for long distance destination.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


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You should push your self to your limit if you would like to know how how strong are you you? how good are you? or how far you can go?

And when after hit that limit and you are still stand up with your own feet although you're sweating, crying, and bleeding. Then you realize that you just pass through that limit, you already pass that limit. Then the question is.. is there such a thing called limit when you're struggling with all of your heart n strength? The answer is in your own heart...

For several time I ended up shaking, sweating, crying, bleeding but I still stand up and tried to running again.. That limit will be disappear after you feel the pain of struggling. Then, no limit.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kamus Jepang - Indonesia

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Yang lagi belajar Bahasa Jepang, silahkan diintip yang satu ini...

Title : Kamus Praktis Jepang - Indonesia , Indonesia Jepang
Publisher : Gakushudo - Program Pendidikan Bahasa Jepang
Composer : Tjhin Thian Shiang
Level : Beginner & Intermediate
Price : IDR87,000
Kamus itu aku beli karena kalah oleh godaan nafsu setiap kali datang ke toko buku, benar-benar tak tertahankan! hahaha... Bentuknya kecil, persis banget ma kamus saku Oxford jadi enak kalo mo dibawa kemana-mana. Dengan membeli kamus ini aku berharap bisa lebih cepat belajar bahasa Jepang, jadi kalo si temen Jepangku ke Indo September ntar aku uda bisa practice conversation. Ga cuma bilang ohayou ato konichiwa atau konbanwa, hihihi...

Semangat tinggi untuk belajar! kayaknya 1 jam sehari sangat kurang :hammer: Buat sekarang gak bisa lebih dari 1 jam untuk belajar Nihongo, bisnis lagi quiet jadi harus bekerja lebih giat ^__^ 

You must work harder and run  faster miss torties!

New Japanese - Indonesia Dictionary

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Today I went to Togamas bookstore. Actually I was looking for new pencil case and small rings notebook. I found the notebook but none of the pencil case was interesting for me. Well, actually there was one that catch my eyes but it's so expensive T__T As always, visiting bookstore has a great temptation for me. I always buy things that wasn't in my list :D And today that happened again, I bought book separator (which is very cute *__*) and also... taraaaaa.. Japanese - Indonesia / Indonesia -Japanese pocket dictionary! See? It's a great temptation for sure :p

Title : Kamus Praktis Jepang - Indonesia , Indonesia - Jepang
Publisher : Gakushudo - Program Pendidikan Bahasa Jepang
Composer : Tjhin Thian Shiang
Level : Beginner & Intermediate
Price : IDR87,000

There it go.. cute isn't? :D
I know cute shouldn't be a reason to bought dictionary, and it wasn't my reason neither -__- My reasons are:
1. Currently I'm learning Japanese from books, so dictionary will help me with the vocabs (I'm a poor student T__T)
2. It has small shape (similar to Oxford pocket dictionary) so it will be easy to be carried away
3. The price is not too expensive, it's only IDR78,300 (USD9.21) after 10% discount. Compare to the big Japanese - Indonesia dictionary (sorry I forgot the exact tittle and who's the author) that cost IDR350,000 (USD41.18)

I hope that this dictionary will able to help me with my Japanese language, coz I'm very poor at it -__-


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