Friday, July 1, 2011

New Japanese - Indonesia Dictionary

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Today I went to Togamas bookstore. Actually I was looking for new pencil case and small rings notebook. I found the notebook but none of the pencil case was interesting for me. Well, actually there was one that catch my eyes but it's so expensive T__T As always, visiting bookstore has a great temptation for me. I always buy things that wasn't in my list :D And today that happened again, I bought book separator (which is very cute *__*) and also... taraaaaa.. Japanese - Indonesia / Indonesia -Japanese pocket dictionary! See? It's a great temptation for sure :p

Title : Kamus Praktis Jepang - Indonesia , Indonesia - Jepang
Publisher : Gakushudo - Program Pendidikan Bahasa Jepang
Composer : Tjhin Thian Shiang
Level : Beginner & Intermediate
Price : IDR87,000

There it go.. cute isn't? :D
I know cute shouldn't be a reason to bought dictionary, and it wasn't my reason neither -__- My reasons are:
1. Currently I'm learning Japanese from books, so dictionary will help me with the vocabs (I'm a poor student T__T)
2. It has small shape (similar to Oxford pocket dictionary) so it will be easy to be carried away
3. The price is not too expensive, it's only IDR78,300 (USD9.21) after 10% discount. Compare to the big Japanese - Indonesia dictionary (sorry I forgot the exact tittle and who's the author) that cost IDR350,000 (USD41.18)

I hope that this dictionary will able to help me with my Japanese language, coz I'm very poor at it -__-



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