Tuesday, September 17, 2013


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Some people say after u married for certain month ur partner will change. Maybe they are right.. For instance there is guys night now n he will go without you anyway for rafting when u are sick. We will always do everything together are not there anymore, changed by even though we don't do everything together we still love each other so much..

It makes me sad.

I don't know I have this thoughts just because pre menstrual syndrome n having mood swing, or the birth control pills make my hormones gone crazy, or is it really what I think.. I just don't know..

Update : I think that's only mood swing as part of PMS 😝

Monday, September 16, 2013


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I've been so sensitive today. I feel so depressed, maybe just mood swing coz I will have my period in few days. Become not logic, unreasonably sensitive.. Very annoying..

My body also not cooperating, feel weak, my ear is hurt again, and I already unload for three times today.

I just not sure what's going on... I'm sorry bebe..

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ear infection

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It's day 3 of my ear infection, or maybe day 5 if I count from the first time I got vertigo. Anyways it's my last day to get IV. Happy to say I just had it. Now all done, no more IV! 

I still feel weak, my ear hurt this morning but I feel better after I got my IV. I think I should follow what doctor said n didn't do what we did last night. I feel so tired n weak today.. I need to get rest..

Tomorrow I will start to consume pills that doctor gave me. Mostly antibiotics. If until 3 days consuming pills I still not getting better I need to go to visit doctor again. Wish me get better soon okay?

My ear look fine from outside isn't ? T_T

Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Balance Shoes

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Bebe told me, new balance is the best running shoes brand. It is light and comfortable, well maybe bebe is right 😁

Thanks for the new shoes my love! 😘

First IV in my life

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On Sunday I had vertigo, my throat sore and sneezing a lot. I thought I just catching cold. Bebe told me to take vitamin c to help my body against cold symptoms. That was work I was stop sneezing and my throat feel better, but my vertigo stand still. Wednesday morning I had vertigo again n my left ear feel hurt, I went to hospital with one of my Chinese friend to help me with translating. She told the doctor all of symptoms n then the doctor check my ear n mouth, he said I have an ear infection n I should came earlier before the infection getting worse. Strike one! >.<

The doctor gave me prescription to get IV , pills, n ear drops. What? IVs?! I never have IV in my life n now I must have 3 bottles IVs in a day for 3 days. After that continue with pills.. Strike two! >.<

My friend told me that in china they will give IV for almost everything. They love to make holes on ur vein! Lol

Poor me, I hate needles! >.<

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


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I had panic attack last night, around 10 minutes not too long but quite depressing. Today I feel my world spinning, having vertigo and catching cold. Time to get rest..

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