Saturday, February 20, 2010

My new blog : BOOKS LOVER

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I made  some post about free e books in this blog. I realize I make blog refer to certain topics, for instance special blog for free e books, shopping, and my personal blog. So I decided to make new blog for my reading books hobby ;) My new blog name is :
This blog is dedicated for you all who love to read. I will provide you with information of interesting books, and also if possible i will provide you with free download able e book :D 
Should you interesting to read it, please visit:

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's My B-day!

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It's 19 February! It's my Bday!!!

I'm 26 this year, means start to step on maturity ages :D Personal maturity is ought to be reached soonest possible, lessen negativity and added positivity. Easy to talk but not easy to do! -_-
My current problem is my emotional stability. Ghos I found its difficult to control it lately! My living environment really testing my patience. Sometimes I feels like gonna blow up, and hit every single thing surround me! Like a bomb! :D Thanks God I never reached that stage yet... I just need to take a deep long breath to control my self and take a shower to lower my body temperature...

Another issue is my business matter.
This year resolution is to make dream comes true! Needs hard work and prays to God regularly.. hopefully everything going thru my plan ^_^


PS : Nobody give me present this year, poor me T_T

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