Monday, March 28, 2011


Posted by engi at 10:35:00 PM

Whhhhhooooooaaaaaa.... I'm yawning for so many times just now.. oxygen.. my brain require oxygen! :D
It's 9pm and I feel very tired.. The whole family went to bed already. It's raining outside, the air is very cold. I'm wearing thick jacket and it doesn't help much. Actually I still have many things to do, my stock coming this afternoon and I need to make report about it and update my store display. But well.. I cannot make it today, better to continue tomorrow. It will be a busy day! Like Japanese says, "Ganbatte kudasai!" I'll do my best then ^.^

Ah, another thing. My new interest : YOGA. I started to learn yoga this morning, as beginner that learning through a book n video, it's not as easy as what I thought, to do those yoga positions. I'm not as good as when I was practicing karate back then. Getting old people.. not much pliancy and strength here. Man.. I'm getting old! Hahahaha...

Ah.. I think I've hurt my back, it's better to go to bed now -_- I'll brush my teeth, take my medicine and go to bed then.. c ya tomorrow ^.^

Konbanwa *.*


aisha said...

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gambutku. said...

halo fren, can we exchange link again, i was change my domain.:D

squidy said...

nice share, keep post and thank for your inform

engi said...

@squidy - thanks for visit my blog ^_^

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