Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One Question

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One question that jumping around my head this last few days :
Do I still believe?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


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I'm sorry.

For being this useless this last few days.

Dreaming is a must, but day dreaming is a waste.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Nite Already?

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I have not finish my work today, but eh? I just realize it's Saturday nite already?
Hum.. hum.. hum.. time flies so fast when we are very busy. I still must finish another work that I already delayed for a week T__T My oh my, is it me the kame onna or just I have too much work this week? lol

Again, it's Saturday. I usually chat with my friends on weekend. D, M, C, T.. all of them. It makes me happy somehow ^__^ But today C is not online, I wonder what happened to him. After our chat last week about planning to have holiday together in Bali next year, I'm thinking about it a lot. lol, ashamed!

Two issues came into my mind:
1) about the budget - I mean.. I must buy new PC before I could have holiday to Bali. I don't know how much will left for holiday. This year I already cancel my Bali holiday plan for Linkin Park concert. At least next year I could make it comes true:D Ah, forgotten about new fridge for my house.. my oh my.. shigoto shigoto! :p
2) I'm so nervous about how will my holiday with C will be? It will be my first time to have holiday with a friend (who is a guy) and it will be only just the two of us *blushing* O oh.. why did I blushing just now?Am I having a crush on him? Noooooooo.... I don't think so, although he's cute :D God he is cute!!
If T knows what I write now, he will shout "don't let that empty space last for long! Go for him!" lol, crazy!

It's been a while since I feel that romance feeling. Two psychics told me that I will meet someone in 1-1,5 years from march 2011. Well that will be around mid of 2012. Last week I and C planned to have holiday together by mid next year. The question in my mind is.. is he the guy that the psychic talking about? hahaha.. I don't want to believe! just let's see :D But if that's him.. I think I like that fate... *blushing* lol

Look who's talking at this time? ckckck..

Brain Cancer - Ganbatte D!

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Today I feel shocked. Very shocked. Almost chocked.
One of my friend went to hospital for MRI few days ago because he found his vision become blur, got double vision, and flashing a white light sometimes. The result came out 2 days ago, and he needed to go to neurologist to read the result. Today he got the result. I thought he just okay, maybe just got problem with minus or cylindris. But somehow he told me that they found cancer in his brain. The doctor didn't suggest for surgery. My friend said he could only wait that his body will keep working or not. And could only hope. eh?! But the doctor said it's early stadium, there should be something we could do! I feel sad for him, I would like to do something for him T__T

I suggest him to use herbal medication instead of modern medication. I told him that in Indonesia there are some people that cured from cancer after take herbal medication. I also told him story of a guy that being told by his doctor that he could only last for 3 months because of brain tumor. His doctor has given up, but he encourage him self to take herbal medication to get cured. At the time he predicted to die, he did MRI again and the result was his tumor already decreasing in volume by 70%!! That's a lot man! And thanks god he still alive till now. I don't think herbal medication is something popular in England but at last he interested to try it. He will visit Chinese herbal clinic next week. I keep wishing that they could save him, Amien.

D my friend I know you will survive and get cured!
Ganbatte kudasai!! Faito!! ^__^

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review : Wisma Pertamina Jakarta

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Lama ngga ngeblog.. busy busy busy -___-"
Saking busynya bahkan belom nulis betapa senangnya abis liat konser Linkin Park 21 September lalu T__T

Sekarang Engi mo review tentang wisma tempat Engi nginep selama di Jakarta. Namanya Wisma Pertamina (WIPERTI) Lokasinya di Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur (depan Stasiun Gambir) Telp: 021-3865412/13/14.

Pertama alasan mengapa aku memilih tempat ini untuk menginap:
1. Di Jakarta cuma 2 hari 1 malam
2. Pulang dari Jakarta mo naik kereta api, jadi mending nginep di tempat yang terdekat dengan stasiun Gambir, secara aku juga ga tau Jakarta and ga ada waktu buat maen-maen keliling Jakarta -__-
3. Harga lumayan lah... yang di lantai 1 - IDR225,000 ; lantai 3 - IDR212,500 ; lantai 2 - gak tau:p

Update per 29 Agustus 2012 by Brillian Errol
harga lantai 3 Rp 215.000 include sarapan pagi kopi/teh
untuk lantai 2 Rp 275.000 include sarapan,
semua kamar ber AC ,TV 21",2 Buah handuk,sabun,dan Air panas dlm Termos. 

Walaupun awalnya was-was karena setelah baca di beberapa forum katanya tempatnya agak kuno gitu, tapi untuk nginep semalam aja rasanya nggak papa deh.. Berikut penampakan kamar yang aku tempatin (lantai 1 - IDR225,000):


bed lagi...

TV - saluran Indonesia only :p
2 pcs towel

 pintu ke kamar mandi 

 entrance + set kursi + lemari gantung + keranjang laundry

 wastafel di kamar mandi

 penampakan kamar mandi + kloset


 balkon lagi...

lorong depan kamar

Gimana? Dalam kamarnya lumayan kan? Cuman ya memang ada kesan kayak hotel jadul gitu, hehehe... Tapi lumayan yah kalo cuman buat semalem dua malem dengan harga terjangkau :p

Everything just okay, cuman resepsionisnya kayak cool-cool gimana gitu lho. Kata-kata udah sopan tapi kayaknya kurang latihan senyum :p Agak maklum seh orangnya Bapak-Bapak STW gitu.. kalo dibanding resepsionis hotel pada umumnya ya masih kalah ramah -___-"

Positive :
* dekat sta. gambir
* irit ongkos taxi
* cocok buat yang datang dari luar kota and cuma ingin transit ato nginep semalam
* kamar bersih lumayan nyaman lah
* Kamar mandi ada wastafel + shower + bak plastik n gayung (buat yang nggak biasa pake shower kalee..)
* harga bisa dibilang murah untuk penginapan di tengah kota
* fasilitas AC, TV, air minum, handuk, sabun

* bangunan agak jadul
* gak ada lift, jadi kalo dapet kamar yang lantai 3 siap-siap aja buat bakar kalori :D
* resepsionis pengucapan sopan  tapi kurang latihan senyum -___-"
* gak ada bath tub (harga segitu kok ngarep bath tub! hahaa..)

Well,that's all my review.. the choice is in your hand!

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