Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Nite Already?

Posted by engi at 11:00:00 PM

I have not finish my work today, but eh? I just realize it's Saturday nite already?
Hum.. hum.. hum.. time flies so fast when we are very busy. I still must finish another work that I already delayed for a week T__T My oh my, is it me the kame onna or just I have too much work this week? lol

Again, it's Saturday. I usually chat with my friends on weekend. D, M, C, T.. all of them. It makes me happy somehow ^__^ But today C is not online, I wonder what happened to him. After our chat last week about planning to have holiday together in Bali next year, I'm thinking about it a lot. lol, ashamed!

Two issues came into my mind:
1) about the budget - I mean.. I must buy new PC before I could have holiday to Bali. I don't know how much will left for holiday. This year I already cancel my Bali holiday plan for Linkin Park concert. At least next year I could make it comes true:D Ah, forgotten about new fridge for my house.. my oh my.. shigoto shigoto! :p
2) I'm so nervous about how will my holiday with C will be? It will be my first time to have holiday with a friend (who is a guy) and it will be only just the two of us *blushing* O oh.. why did I blushing just now?Am I having a crush on him? Noooooooo.... I don't think so, although he's cute :D God he is cute!!
If T knows what I write now, he will shout "don't let that empty space last for long! Go for him!" lol, crazy!

It's been a while since I feel that romance feeling. Two psychics told me that I will meet someone in 1-1,5 years from march 2011. Well that will be around mid of 2012. Last week I and C planned to have holiday together by mid next year. The question in my mind is.. is he the guy that the psychic talking about? hahaha.. I don't want to believe! just let's see :D But if that's him.. I think I like that fate... *blushing* lol

Look who's talking at this time? ckckck..


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