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Robin Of Sherwood TV Series

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I'm not English, but Robin Hood story have been a part of my childhood. For years I always admire this character. A thief that stole from corrupt rich people and gave it to poor people. My hero? Yes he is!

I can't exactly remember which was come first, watching TV series about Robin Hood or read a thick book about him from public library. The obvious thing was, I was in love with this character.

I dunno why 2 days ago I feel missed to read about Robin Hood. I remember there was a TV series that I saw when I was in elementary school and I was crazy about it! I was wondering what's the series title coz I cannot remember exactly about the title. The only thing that I remember about this series was it has a bit different story compares to the original Robin Hood story. There is character of a guy named Nasir, A Muslim Saracen.. I forgot from which country.

After some time of searching, at last.. I found it! The title is Robin of Sherwood ^__^

Title : Robin of Sherwood
Format : Drama, adventure
Created by : Richard Carpenter
Opening Theme : "The Hooded Man" by Clannad
Country of Origin : United Kingdom
No of Seasons : 3
No of Episodes : 26

OMG, Can't believe I found it! Did you saw this series too?! So nostalgic look at those pics T_T

Robin of Sherwood is British television series that broadcasted by ITV on 28 April 1984 – 28 June 1986. I live in Indonesia and it broadcast a quite late, I can't remember which year but I think it was on late 80's - early 90's. Again, how nostalgic! T__T

Cast and Characters

The Merry Men

  • Robin of Loxley (Michael Praed)
    Born the son of Anglo-Saxon nobleman Ailric of Loxley, who died in a rebellion, he is raised by the local miller. As an adult he accepts Herne's charge and becomes the prophesied "Hooded Man". Hiding in Sherwood Forest, he assembles a number of friends until he is killed at the end of Season 2.
  • Much (Peter Llewellyn Williams)
    Son of the miller who raised Robin, he admires Robin as his big brother. He is dubbed "the half-wit" by Guy of Gisbourne.
  • Will Scarlet (Ray Winstone)
    Originally called Will Scathlock, he changed his name after his wife, Elena, is raped and trampled to death with horses by mercenaries. Hot-headed and filled with hatred of all things Norman, he is contrasted with the more collected Robin, which frequently leads to conflicts.
  • Little John (Clive Mantle)
    Originally John Little from Hathersage, this giant of a man was placed under a spell by the Baron de Belleme. When Robin defeated him and freed him from the spell, he became Robin's loyal friend.
  • Lady Marion of Leaford (Judi Trott)
    Orphaned daughter of an Anglo-Saxon nobleman, Marion lives as a ward of Abbot Hugo, who is keen on gaining her inheritance. She first enters a monastery but when Simon de Belleme desires her as his bride (actually with the intention of sacrificing her), she escapes into Sherwood Forest, where she falls in love with and marries Robin Hood. She is later rescued by Robert of Huntingdon.
  • Friar Tuck (Phil Rose)
    The Sheriff of Nottingham's chaplain, he helps Lady Marion escape into Sherwood and joins the Merry Men, forming a fast friendship with Little John.
  • Nasir (Mark Ryan)
    A Saracen assassin, he was captured in Palestine by Baron de Belleme, placed under a spell and brought back to England to work as his henchman. He is freed from the spell when the Baron is killed by Robin and, having found respect for Robin during a crucial sword fight, decides to join the Merry Men. Throughout the series, he speaks very little.
  • Robert of Huntingdon (Jason Connery)
    Chosen as Robin's successor by Herne, Robert frees the Merry Men but thinks himself inadequate to take up the mantle of the Hooded Man, despite his sympathies towards the downtrodden. He then defends Lady Marion against the advances of Lord Owen of Clun and then sets out to rescue her, reassembling the scattered Merry Men in the process. Though slightly insecure about taking over in light of his predecessor, Robert proves to be an excellent leader. He later discovers that he is the half-brother of Guy of Gisburne.
  • Herne the Hunter (John Abineri)
    A shamanic figure who often incarnates a forest spirit representing the powers of light and goodness, inspiring and protecting the Hooded Man.

Main antagonists

  • Robert de Rainault, Sheriff of Nottingham (Nickolas Grace)
    The king's chief representative in Nottingham and Sherwood, he is mainly interested in increasing his own power and wealth, competing with his younger brother, the Abbot. He considers his serfs mere chattels and hates women. He frequently relies on the brawn of Guy of Gisbourne, whom he nonetheless disrespects and ridicules for his failures. His ambition results in strained relations with fellow noblemen (who consider him an "awful little man"), and with a succession of kings.
  • Hugo de Rainault, Abbot of St. Mary's (Philip Jackson)
    The sheriff's younger brother and highest-ranking church man in Nottingham, his main interest lies in acquiring land, especially that of his temporary ward, Lady Marion, and her father.
  • Guy of Gisbourne (Robert Addie)
    Steward over the abbot's lands and "gamekeeper" of Sherwood, he is the chief military commander in the area. Self-identifying "a warrior and not a courtier", he is prone to disregard diplomacy and tact in favour of brute force but he is also able to use cunning. He resents the Sheriff for frequently taunting him and Robin for being the cause of these taunts. After a rocky start he gained the respect of Prince John. Later it is revealed that he is the Earl of Huntingdon's illegitimate son and thus the second Robin's half-brother.
  • Baron Simon de Belleme (Anthony Valentine)
    A nobleman and also a worshipper of the devil. As master of the black arts, he controlled both Little John and Nasir, having captured the latter during the crusades. He desires Lady Marion to sacrifice her to his demons. He is killed by Robin but his remaining disciples still work towards his resurrection.
  • Prince John, later King of England (Phil Davis)
  • Gulnar (Richard O'Brien)
    A pagan sorcerer in the entourage of Lord Owen of Clun, he bewitches Lady Marion. After Owen is killed, he sets out to avenge him on Robin and the Merry Men.

There were 3 series:
Series 1
1.1 Robin Hood and The Sorcerer (Part 1)
1.2 Robin Hood and The Sorcerer (Part 2)
1.3 The Witch of Elsdon
1.4 Seven Poor Knights From Acre
1.5 Alan A Dale
1.6 The King's Fool
Series 2
2.1 The Prophecy
2.2 The Children of Israel
2.3 Lord of The Trees
2.4 The Enchantment
2.5 The Swords of Wayland (Part 1)
2.6 The Swords of Wayland (Part2)
2.7 The Greatest Enemy
Series 3
3.1 Herne's Son (Part 1)
3.2 Herne's Son (Part 2)
3.3 The Power of Albion
3.4 The Inheritance
3.5 The Cross of St. Ciricus
3.6 The Sheriff of Nottingham
3.7 Cromm Cruac
3.8 The Betrayal
3.9 Adam Bell
3.10 The Pretender
3.11 Rutterkin
3.12 The Time of The Wolf (Part 1)
3.13 The Time of The Wolf (Part 2)

When I was a kid, I always think that this Robin of Loxley was handsome guy, and now after years gone by well.. I still have the same opinion! LOL. Below are some pics from this series, enjoy!

Robin (Michael Praed) and Marion (Judi Trott)

Robin of Loxley (Michael Praed)

Still Robin (Michael Praed), he looks cool rite?

OMG Robin (Michael Praed)!

Robin and Marion - wedding scene

Robin(Michael Praed)  and Herne (John Abineri)

Robert of Huntingdon (Jason Connery) and his Merry Men

LittleJohn - Will Scarlet - Nasir - Much - Lord of huntingdon - Marion - Tuck

Will Scarlet (Ray Winstone)

Guy of Gisbourne (Robert Addie)

Lil John (Clive Mantle)

Lord of Huntingdon (Jason Connery)

Much (Peter Llewellyn Williams)

Marion (Judi Trott)

Marion (Judi Trott)

Nasir (Mark Ryan)

Nasir (Mark Ryan)

Sheriff of Nottingham (Nickolas Grace)

Friar Tuck (Phil Rose)

Source : wikipedia, robinofsherwood.org, others


Anonymous said...

When I was a teenager I loved this series Robin of Sherwood, I still do. It was beautiful.

engi said...

@anonymous - yes agree with you. this series is memorable ^_^

Jimena Arredondo said...

Wonderful explanation, comments, pictures, etc... uffffff
you know what?
I am from Chile, in South America... and I just just just discovered the series, I am watching them now... and i am intending to make a longbow and arrows to feel a little inside this wonderful atmosphere...
thank youuuuuuu so much, i adored your descriptions and pictures ^^

engi said...

@Jimena Arredondo
No problem.. I'm glad that you like my post! I like this series so much, that's why I wrote it from my heart;)

It's so cool that u're going to make long bow and arrows to feel the atmosphere, even me never thought going to made it:D Go for it girl!!!

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