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Happy Chinese New Year 2012

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Happy Chinese New Year 2012!!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai means wishing you to be prosperous in the coming years. It's a good wishing isn't? ;)

According to Chinese calendar year of 2012 is year of water dragon. Each animal sign have it's own character that will affect life condition (career, love, general,etc.) along that year. Since I'm not Feng Shui expert, so I cannot write prediction about this year, haha.. Below is overview from Yahoo Astrology, enjoy!

2012 Overview

Oh boy. The Dragon is always tempting everyone to make big changes and take huge leaps ... but this really isn't the time for you to follow in his footsteps. Things will shift and change a whole lot in 2012, so your job will be to find steady ground and hang on for dear life. Stay within your areas of expertise. Do what you're good at and what will generate the most money. Don't implement any big business ideas or career moves just yet; if you insist on doing so, wait until your lucky months to make changes. Persistent effort should pay off.
Are you on edge about your love life? Indeed, Dragon years have that type of effect. For you, the Dragon's passion and impulsiveness are a little unnerving, as you prefer when people are calm and act rationally. Luckily, Water gives relationships a boost by helping with communication. The good news is the Dragon favors marriage and celebrations. Do you hear wedding bells? This could be your year to take the big leap into love. If you're single, 2012 could be a roller coaster of interesting dates and several different relationships. Be cautious about professing your love right away -- the Dragon loves passion, but it can be fleeting. Hang on tightly and try to enjoy the ride!

It's possible your nervous tendencies could be heightened this year, so make sure you take care of yourself and your mental state. The Dragon's devil-may-care attitude probably makes you quiver; you can also expect others to act slightly crazy and unpredictable. Make time for quiet introspection and ensure your home is a place of refuge. If you have the energy, take up a high-intensity activity such as Bikram yoga or marathon-running. Channel nervous energy into healthy outlets, and keep an eye on your nutrition. After all, the Dragon tends to overdo it and indulge.

You probably don't need any warnings about your finances -- after all, you certainly have a way with money. If you can remain savvy about your finances, you might even do well this year -- that is, if you're able to avoid the Dragon's influence for big risks and impulsive purchases. It could be tempting to make costly home upgrades or book an expensive vacation. Use your lucky months for any necessary big spending, but don't go crazy with it.


You could also read your sign prediction in website below:
Yahoo Astrology
of course many others website that will give you this kind of prediction, but sites above are that I recommended ;)

Don't take it too serious, it's a prediction anyway ^_^
Happy reading!


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