Thursday, April 19, 2012

NBA 2012 Playoffs Burn It Down

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Just found this video around. This is the NBA Playoffs promotional video that reveal some preview of Linkin Park's new single Burn It Down. IMO this video just very cool! Enjoy! ^^

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

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I like it when you say..
... and I will be thinking about you...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Linkin Park Living Things Album

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Mike Shinoda confirmed that Linkin Park fifth album will be titled LIVING THINGS and will be released on June26, 2012. I just saw the album cover, and I really like it! So.. artistic!

Curious? Okay.. post it below :D

You could listen the site streaming for Burn It Down song below:

Oh, Mike talking about this album on his personal blog. should you want to read it please follow link below:


Linkin Park - Burn It Down (Video Lyrics)

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It's April 16th already, Linkin Park released their new single today.

Title : Burn It Down
Released : Apr 16, 2012
Album : Living Things
Available : June 26, 2012
Label: Warner Bros.
Copyright: 2012 Warner Bros. Records Inc.
Duration: 3:51 minutes
Genres: Alternative Rock


What is "Burn it Down" about?
This is what Chester Bennington had to say:

The new single is about our search of finding relationships or something to be a part of. In our journey to find that we may have to tear it apart and start over again. This single is about that journey.


Burn It Down lyrics by Linkin Park

The cycle repeated
as explosions broke in the sky
all that I needed
was the one thing I couldn't find

And you were there at the turn
Waiting to let me know

We're building it up
To break it back down
We're building this up
To burn it down
We can't wait
To burn it to the ground

The colors conflicted
as the flames climbed into the clouds
I wanted to fix this / but
couldn't stop from tearing it down

And you were caught at the turn
caught in the burning glow
And I was there at the turn
Waiting to let you know

You told me yes / You held me high
And I believed when you told that lie
I played that soldier / You played king
And struck me down when I kissed that ring
You lost that right / to hold that crown
I built you up but you let me down
so when you fall / I'll take my turn
and fan the flames as your blazes burn


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Can't believe she said that :(

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Daniel Agger Tattoos

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Daniel Agger (Dagger) is one of my fave defender in Liverpool FC. We all know that he loves tattoo, and his tattoos keep adding by the time goes. Okay, for you who don't know which one is Dagger lets take a peek how is he looks like :D

Dagger at his early time in Liverpool 

Raffa - Danny

Danny - Sami

This is my old time fave pic <3

Oh yes he's cute ^.^

Oh that's hurt! T_T

From fancy dress party 2008 :
left to right >> Harry Kewell as marathon runner, Daniel Agger as a punk, Fabio Aurelio as Sporty Spice :p

Danny at his school age pic, yey!
He's sooooooo cute!

Awgh.. I think I post too much pics already and still not posting any pic about his tattoos? lol.. my bad :D

Okay.. let's start it.. Dagger's tattoos...

In his back we could find a sentence in latin language :
 Mors Chert, Hora Incerta >> Death is certain but uncertain time

 And also his back is covered with a tattoo of a scene depicting a Viking graveyard.

For further explanation of the meaning of an ane tattoo daniel agger been discussed, ane got the full picture. In the upper back near his left arm shows the image of the Viking Kings, Sven Forkbeard who took power in 1013 who had never mastered the English brutally

In the back amid Agger, there is a pictorial tattoo Gorm of the gold which the King of Denmark is the first in the nation's oldest monarchy in the world

Agger back in the middle, there is a picture of the bone Holger is one symbol of Denmark, which means that the country is threatened, they are ready to fight

At the back of the right part shows the image of Harold Bluetooth, which is the name of the king who unites three Scandinavian region as well as Sweden, Denmark and Norway

5. other at the bottom there is a picture of King Canute the viking king who controlled England in 1016 until 1036

His left elbow is surrounded by tribal images and there are some pictures of china caisar. There is a tattoo on his arm it is decorated paper Balaton "Momento mori" (remember, you will die) or the means to remember, you will surely die.

The latest pics of his tattoos from Carling Cup celebration 2012

Whuooo.. he surely has a lot of tattoos!

Btw, Danny also a tattoo artist n he has his own tattoos art shop ;)

Saturday, April 14, 2012


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I just don't understand why she keep acting childish, she just too old for that.
And today I just can't take it, It feels like going to explode like a volcano. But somehow I manage to keep my self under control, pressed my emotion to the lowest point and cried a bit to let my pain flow.

Yes I did it :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Linkin Park - Burn It Down

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According to official information from the next new single will be titled "Burn It Down" and will be released on Apr16, 2012.

Good news, they give us preview of the song. It's only 30 seconds, so don't be too hurry to make judgement regarding the whole song or album. You could download it from link below:


My opinion?
Sounds like ATS touch, but with more Chaz's rock voice.. can hear their old vibe a bit. Can't make any judgement yet. Prefer to wait till listen the full song :D


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Uhm.. I want to talk with you everyday.
I feel upset when you suddenly gone without any notification, that's one thing that you should know.
One day without any news from you started make me feel insecure.
I should keep my feeling as neutral as possible...
But well we started to fallen to each other we know that... so it's hard to keep our feeling neutral until that day, lol


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's XOXO means?

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x means kiss
o means hug
so when you write "xo" at the end of your letter / message, it means you are sending that person kiss and hug.
xoxo means kisses and hugs..
XOXO means BIG kisses and hugs, lol

well, that's all information for today :D

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bright new day

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I decided to accept a chance from God to start a new life with you soon.
I could leave my family, my business, and move to a new land that totally strange for both of us because of you.
Then I realize.. I do love you in a way that I never thought before I guess? I might be crazy in love, lol

God please don't leave us and our family, let your love always fill our days. Amien...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


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A bit clue from you that u've back to civilization, but not even a news yet.

It said, Chronic worrying can lead to an early death; because ‘moaning Minnies’ are more likely to engage in unhealthy behavior.
 >> oh that's scary! i should stop it now... hope to hear from you soon :)

New Passport

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Just got my new passport from immigration office this afternoon. After 2 weeks process, return for 3 times (submitted docs>>took pic+finger print>>get the passport), and must spent 8 hours by bus for each trip. It was tiring.. in fact still tired now T_T And somehow, my pic in my passport just look sooo... ugly, OMG!  Must use it for another 5 years, lol. What a luck! Really, I'm not as ugly as that pic.. whooooaaaa... My lil sis said, "why are  u look like this here, u look ugly here?!"

Ewwwwww... ok that's it! T_T

Monday, April 2, 2012

Just want to say... I miss you...

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