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Daniel Agger Tattoos

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Daniel Agger (Dagger) is one of my fave defender in Liverpool FC. We all know that he loves tattoo, and his tattoos keep adding by the time goes. Okay, for you who don't know which one is Dagger lets take a peek how is he looks like :D

Dagger at his early time in Liverpool 

Raffa - Danny

Danny - Sami

This is my old time fave pic <3

Oh yes he's cute ^.^

Oh that's hurt! T_T

From fancy dress party 2008 :
left to right >> Harry Kewell as marathon runner, Daniel Agger as a punk, Fabio Aurelio as Sporty Spice :p

Danny at his school age pic, yey!
He's sooooooo cute!

Awgh.. I think I post too much pics already and still not posting any pic about his tattoos? lol.. my bad :D

Okay.. let's start it.. Dagger's tattoos...

In his back we could find a sentence in latin language :
 Mors Chert, Hora Incerta >> Death is certain but uncertain time

 And also his back is covered with a tattoo of a scene depicting a Viking graveyard.

For further explanation of the meaning of an ane tattoo daniel agger been discussed, ane got the full picture. In the upper back near his left arm shows the image of the Viking Kings, Sven Forkbeard who took power in 1013 who had never mastered the English brutally

In the back amid Agger, there is a pictorial tattoo Gorm of the gold which the King of Denmark is the first in the nation's oldest monarchy in the world

Agger back in the middle, there is a picture of the bone Holger is one symbol of Denmark, which means that the country is threatened, they are ready to fight

At the back of the right part shows the image of Harold Bluetooth, which is the name of the king who unites three Scandinavian region as well as Sweden, Denmark and Norway

5. other at the bottom there is a picture of King Canute the viking king who controlled England in 1016 until 1036

His left elbow is surrounded by tribal images and there are some pictures of china caisar. There is a tattoo on his arm it is decorated paper Balaton "Momento mori" (remember, you will die) or the means to remember, you will surely die.

The latest pics of his tattoos from Carling Cup celebration 2012

Whuooo.. he surely has a lot of tattoos!

Btw, Danny also a tattoo artist n he has his own tattoos art shop ;)


pojok kesehatan said...

mantap tattonya

engi said...

@Pojok Kesehatan - Iya, mo bikin tato juga gan? ^_^

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