Friday, November 19, 2010

My Writing History

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Wow, it's Mid November already! And my last writing was in October n only write "Hello Again", what an awful (-_-)
In the past, writing is a part of my life. Every day I write something. My thoughts, poems, even my daily experience. But somehow.. just somehow.. it's getting difficult for me to write.

My first writing was when I was in elementary school. I wrote short story titled "Magic Pencil". I cannot remember exactly what's my story about, but I think it's about girls friendship and their experience with the magic pencil that the main character have. I cannot find where did I write this story, too bad...

When I was in Junior High, I wrote a book titled "Green Hill Teenagers" this book is still about friendship between a tomboy girl (I forgot her name -_-) who just moved to a new housing named "Green Hill" and her new friends (JT,Flynn). It's more about the girl adventure in her new environment ^.^ The book is in one of the boxes in my warehouse, I think I need to find it soon...

When I was in High School I wrote another book, which was untitled. It's more about teenage love story, between Kiky and.. God I forgot his name!! I need to find this book also -_- I was wrote for my school magazine too. Some short stories and articles.

And currently? I wrote nothing. I only wrote my shop stock position, purchase order, and financial God.. Writing was my passion, and where is it now? Am I too busy with my shop? Nah.. that's only human excuse :D Am I too lazy to write? I think this is the right answer, lol

I'll start to write again.. Is it a promise? Well...

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