Thursday, February 28, 2013

Neck Pain

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Yes, it's been 3 days I had a neck pain. I think it's because I had bad sleeping position and hurt my neck. In Indonesia I usually put a pain relieve patch to heal it. Since I live in China now and I can't speak Chinese, finding a medicine could be pain in the ass! lol

Yesterday I went to pharmacy near my apartment, my Google translate on my phone somehow didn't work. Annoying? Yes it was. So I tried to type in my Chinese dictionary apps the word "pain" = Téngtòng (疼痛)
showed it to the shopkeeper and then hold my neck with in pain expression on my face. She started talk in Chinese (which I didn't understand, lol) and take me to different counter. Well she did understand what I was talking about, yey! She gave me a pack of pain relieve patch

I asked her : How Much? = Duōshǎo qián? (多少钱?)
She said : Er Sheu Liu = Twenty Six
1 package consist of 10 sheets

It's not as hot as Indonesian patch, but it's quite help to relieve the pain. Hopefully I will get better in few days.. Wish me luck!

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