Monday, August 26, 2013


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Found my old daily planner.  I successfully reach about half of my mid term goals. Including man of my life,  which wasn't my priority at all, lol.

I realize at this moment I don't have written short / mid / long term plans anymore.  I should start to write it down so I have more motivation in this life.  I feels like loosing my way lately.  Happy with present till forget that I need to set goals.  So I can thank God when I'm able to reach it. 

I will back to China in few days.  Don't know when I will be able to come home again.  One thing I understand is I must have at least $1000 to go home next time, means I must have that amount of money in my saving.  That means I must work harder,  because lately only have maximum $500 in my saving..  sad right?  And problems seem keen on to stick on my business this last few months.  Oh my God please help me..

Saturday, August 24, 2013


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Third post today, what can I say.. what can I say.. I really need to take this burden out of my soul!

With all of this emotional days.. tears.. anger in my chest.. Tonight I still want to thank God that I could visit my family this summer.. made me realize how worth they are.. And another thing is I want to thank God to let me have my husband, an amazing loving gentle guy.. Kindest guy I've ever met in my life. I'm so lucky to have him! ^_^

I love you Bebe... see you soon my love...


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Still feel guilty..
A little depressed today, sad all day.. trying to convince my self to moving on coz I can't change what happened, cannot make them back to life again. Can't change anything.. Bebe convinced me that it's not my fault but I can't agree, I'm still thinking it's all my fault.. God please forgive me T_T

I can't concentrate with my work keep remember their cute faces, God please forgive me T_T

This summer very unforgettable, many sweet and sad things happened. Traveling to Hongkong, Thailand, Bali, Java.. precious moments.. Lost my phone, crashed rental car, my cats death, eBay problems, slow business.. so many things happened.

Feels like loosing all of my life energy...



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God please forgive me..  let me save more animals in the future,  don't let me make mistake again..

Friday, August 23, 2013

Review Belanja :

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Kali ini Engi ingin mereview pembelian di toko online herbal, cekidot!

Aug 13 : trial order nail henna + vco (minyak 120ml) -- toko tutup libur kemerdekaan, buka lagi tgl 15
Aug 15 : penjual konfirmasi barang akan dikirim hari itu
Aug 20 : Engi sms minta nomor resi, penjual reply barang dikirim menggunakan pandu logistik
Aug 22 : Barang sampai, total pengiriman 7 hari! (lama banget, pake JNE dari Jakarta aja 2 hari nyampe -_-") Dan setelah dibuka isi paketnya nail henna dan KAPSUL VCO! Engi pesan minyak yang dikirim kapsul, alamakkkk.. nunggu lama2 tuh minyak buat ngobatin kucing sakit salah pula yang dikirim! Komplain ke CS nya by SMS, dijawab bahwa barang bisa diretur dan biaya ditanggung penjual. Bete, males nunggu lama2 karena udah mo cabut dari Indo and musti kirim balik pake duit sendiri akhirnya dibiarin aja deh gak jadi retur.

(+) Harga Murah
(+) Respon CS cepat
(-) Pengiriman lama banget (Pandu logistik 7 hari)
(-) Barang yang dikirimkan salah - kalo menurut Engi ini kesalahan FATAL sebagai penjual

Personally gak bakal belanja disini lagi, buang waktu and bikin bete!
Kalo pembaca ingin belanja di toko ini mungkin lebih baik cek lagi dengan mereka sebelum kirim barang apa yg dikirim udah seusai. Dan kalo gak pengen lama minta jangan pake Pandu Logistik, ganti aja pake JNE ato POS yg pasti cepat nyampenya ;)

Sadness and panic attack

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Sad..  3 cats death in one week..  really affected my stress level.  Had panic attack few days ago,  and almost again this morning! Thanks God for self control, I could passed it well..

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy Independence Day Indonesia! Dirgahayu Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia!

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Dirgahayu Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia Ke-68!
Merdekalah dari kebodohan!
Merdekalah dari kemiskinan!
Merdekalah dari korupsi!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


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I started again my six weeks six packs yesterday.  It was a killer!  I didn't do any exercise during Ramadan, it means a month without any exercise.  And yesterday was feel amazingly refreshing and breath taking at the same time,  lol

As we know I started different exercises to get rid off my belly fat.  But I didn't do it regularly so the result was very slow. Although I can see significant difference between me a year ago and me today.  Less fat belly and more muscles on my body. But I'm thinking the progress will be faster if I able to do it regularly.. Oh well,  that's over..  shouldn't regrets it.

I'm going to do better exercise and live a healthier life,  that's my goal.  Will update my belly progress soon!

Sunday, August 11, 2013


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10 days without bebe,  having insomnia most of the time.  Including tonight.. darn now I'm hungry!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


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Day 3 of dysmenorrhea,  make me feel very weak. Tired of the pain. I took pill for relieved it but not really work. My mom made traditional drink to make me feel better made from tamarinds,  salt, and water. It works,  I feel much better now:)

But have bad news one of my cat has his ass bleeding,  not just spot it was bleeding.  He looked in pain and then run out of our house,  I can't find him yet:(

My Bebe hasn't email me today,  I hope he is okay and won't missed his flight again.  God I miss him:((

I feel sad for all that happened today,  now I'm crying...


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OMG It's August already!
Miss my Bebe..  will meet him again by the end of this month,  feels like a thousand years apart -_-"

Got dysmenorhea again this month, It's killing me! Since I moved to China I always feel pain on my periods,  I dunno why.. I don't like it for sure..


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