Saturday, August 24, 2013


Posted by engi at 3:13:00 PM

Still feel guilty..
A little depressed today, sad all day.. trying to convince my self to moving on coz I can't change what happened, cannot make them back to life again. Can't change anything.. Bebe convinced me that it's not my fault but I can't agree, I'm still thinking it's all my fault.. God please forgive me T_T

I can't concentrate with my work keep remember their cute faces, God please forgive me T_T

This summer very unforgettable, many sweet and sad things happened. Traveling to Hongkong, Thailand, Bali, Java.. precious moments.. Lost my phone, crashed rental car, my cats death, eBay problems, slow business.. so many things happened.

Feels like loosing all of my life energy...



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