Saturday, December 28, 2013


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It's my third day wake up in the middle of the night with panic feeling and heart pounding. Not something big but quiet annoying.

I'm trying to convince my self that everything is fine, but still I think my heart beats faster than it should be. I need to rebuild my thoughts, and I know I will able to do it after write it down.

God please save my soul from this stupidness ...

Monday, December 16, 2013


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I bought new daily planner book for 2014, hopefully help to maintain my time management ^_^


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Just read my old posts, reminds me how difficult my relationship on Oct-Nov. The good news is that storm already over, thank God we are still together until now ^_^

I'm learning Chinese from books, but I still don't have daily schedule for that. I should study it everyday so I would be able to speak it soon.. Chinese is not easy guys.. the tones, OMG! -_-"

Another language that I should study more is English, my grammar is soooooo bad! T_T

I think my time management is not good. My goal is to do daily chores, study English grammar, Chinese, Quran and do my work everyday. But somehow I can't do all of it everyday, I always feel that not enough time. And I always feel tired at night. Have no time to do exercise anymore. Or maybe that's just my excuse :D

Anyways.. Since it's Monday, I want to start over again.. Although this morning I waste my time by took nap for an hour. Oh well, I was so tired..


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It's been a while!

Today I want to write about my dream last night. It's weird, it's been long time since the last time I dreamed about ghost. Indonesian woman ghost a.k.a kuntilanak, for me she's scary! She looks like ju on movie.
Indonesian believe that kuntilanak appear as awoman with black long hair and white dress,  She was a pregnant woman who died before having the baby or during the labor. She kinda looks like this

How about ju on? Oh my.. she's so scary, make me has goosebumps -_-"

Okay that's enough! Fyuh...


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