Monday, December 16, 2013


Posted by engi at 12:27:00 PM

Just read my old posts, reminds me how difficult my relationship on Oct-Nov. The good news is that storm already over, thank God we are still together until now ^_^

I'm learning Chinese from books, but I still don't have daily schedule for that. I should study it everyday so I would be able to speak it soon.. Chinese is not easy guys.. the tones, OMG! -_-"

Another language that I should study more is English, my grammar is soooooo bad! T_T

I think my time management is not good. My goal is to do daily chores, study English grammar, Chinese, Quran and do my work everyday. But somehow I can't do all of it everyday, I always feel that not enough time. And I always feel tired at night. Have no time to do exercise anymore. Or maybe that's just my excuse :D

Anyways.. Since it's Monday, I want to start over again.. Although this morning I waste my time by took nap for an hour. Oh well, I was so tired..


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