Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wish List

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This week I surprised how God work.. I know He has a beautiful plan for me, He just want to see me struggle for it *_*

This last few months have been a hard time for me..mentally and physically.. humpf... tiring but i learned that I should not giving up face all of this problem... As wise man said

"When we ask a bucket of water to God, but we only have a cup in our hand.. God will never give us amount of water that we asked. Coz He know that we cannot afford it. If we ask a bucket of water, then we should already have a bucket in our hand. So when God decide to give the water, we could receive it well without any wastage in the floor"

Well God, I'm preparing the bucket now.. I hope it's big enough.. ^_^


Anyway... people should have dreams so that they have something to gain rite?
I also have it, if a genie ask me to have wishes, I think I will asked for soooooo many things, LOL..
My wish list are...

1. Goin to Mecca with my family for Haj

2. Have my own offline shop
3. Going to Japan for Vacation

4. Help to promote reforesting

5.  New Battery for my Notebook, LOL

6. Bicyle - Well.. I have motorcycle but I dun have bicycle -_-

7. Being an Indonesian handy craft exporter
8. Beautiful small house

9. Public library for children

10. Beautiful Ring

11. Build an animal shelter

That's my wish list^_^


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My First 2/10 Google Pagerank... yippie!

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I know my screen shot is not clear, but you can see number 2/10 rite? LOL
Today after a long long time not checking my ENGISHOP blog pagerank ~ checking google page rank is always make me feels hurt because always stated N/A -_-... ~ I took my time to check what happened with my google page rank because my ALEXA already reach 1,497,921 . And the result is quite make me smile, LOL

I got 2/10 rank today!!!
What I can say is.. Thank you Mbah Google!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a BAD day -_-

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Somehow.. today is a BAD day.. oh God... -_-

I learned to use PRESTASHOP CMS few months ago (which means I lil bit forgot how to use it now) And yesterday I decided to refresh my memories about what I learned about it. But it seems I have a BAD memories that RUINS all my work along this last few months... AUCH!!

I was searching some new themes and try to use it to my web.. and guess what? because I tried do many themes and my lack knowledge about CSS and others I did too much copy paste here and there that caused the content messed up! Not only there I started to try to "fixed" it, but guess what? now I make the system running ERROR, lol


I chatted with my friend via Yahoo Messenger about this problem and he said, because I already messed up everything it's better to start over again from the start by reinstalling the CMS but keep the database back up. I'm successfully reinstall it, and delete my old database from my local host (CUZ It's made me crazy with those error things humf...) But another problem occur... u know what now? I want to login to my local host but the password doesn't work! OMG!!! I asked for new pass sent to my email, but i never received it :((

Can somebody help me?!! I Dun know what the h**k happen -_-

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