Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Posted by engi at 5:55:00 PM
OMG.. it's been a month since my last post. Although a lil bit too late, I would like to say.. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 all!

I have made my wishing list for  2012, a long list of course! lol.. But I won't let you know what are my wishes :p

I remember  my wishing list in 2011, I have a long list. And I'm so lucky that from that long list I already complete most of it ^__^  One of uncompleted wish was a new laptop. But guess what, I fulfill it early this year, yey! Jan 7 2012 is the birth date of my new laptop SILVO. Okay.. don't frown your eyebrow like that.. yes I always give name to my laptop, hehe.. call me weird, I don't mind :D

My old laptop is DELL Inspiron 1420 named PINKO, wanna see how it looks like?
Specs : Core 2 duo, 1gb RAM, 120 harddisk, 2MP camera, 14" screen
PINKO had help my work for this last 4 years, and I think she's a bit tired and got problem with her monitor T__T

And.. my new laptop is SILVO - DELL Vostro 3350

Specs : Intel Core i5, 4gb RAM, 500gb Harddisk, 2MP camera, Win7 Professional, 13" monitor
SILVO looks so cool isn't? haha.. I will need your help to do my work SILVO, ganbatte ne!! ^__^
Review for DELL Vostro 3350? Later okay?

A happy new year!
Well.. long listings.. let's working harder to make it comes true!


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