Sunday, January 29, 2012

Destined Guy?

Posted by engi at 12:43:00 AM

A bout a year ago. I had a dream. A guy, tall (at least as I remember much taller than me:p ), slim, fair ( I never in love with fair guy before :*> ), I forgot how's his face but he suddenly proposed me and I said yes - what???!!! So weird yes... at that time I still in relationship with my ex bf. I feel a bit guilty that time, why in my dream I accepted another guy proposal?

About 2-3 months after that dream, I broke up with my ex bf for reason that not really make sense (doh!). A month after we broke up I found that my ex was cheated on me (biaaaattttccchhhh!!!). Sorry for swearing :D God saved me from this f**kin cheater, THANK YOU GOD *_*

Again, I remember about that dream. Was it a sign?
If.. just if my future husband have the same characteristics with the guy in my dream, so it means it's not just a  dream, it was a sign. An answer for my prayers ^_^?

Well, we will prove it! A year, 2 years, or I dunno how many years from now, lol.

Lets see!!!


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