Saturday, October 15, 2011

Brain Cancer - Ganbatte D!

Posted by engi at 12:32:00 AM

Today I feel shocked. Very shocked. Almost chocked.
One of my friend went to hospital for MRI few days ago because he found his vision become blur, got double vision, and flashing a white light sometimes. The result came out 2 days ago, and he needed to go to neurologist to read the result. Today he got the result. I thought he just okay, maybe just got problem with minus or cylindris. But somehow he told me that they found cancer in his brain. The doctor didn't suggest for surgery. My friend said he could only wait that his body will keep working or not. And could only hope. eh?! But the doctor said it's early stadium, there should be something we could do! I feel sad for him, I would like to do something for him T__T

I suggest him to use herbal medication instead of modern medication. I told him that in Indonesia there are some people that cured from cancer after take herbal medication. I also told him story of a guy that being told by his doctor that he could only last for 3 months because of brain tumor. His doctor has given up, but he encourage him self to take herbal medication to get cured. At the time he predicted to die, he did MRI again and the result was his tumor already decreasing in volume by 70%!! That's a lot man! And thanks god he still alive till now. I don't think herbal medication is something popular in England but at last he interested to try it. He will visit Chinese herbal clinic next week. I keep wishing that they could save him, Amien.

D my friend I know you will survive and get cured!
Ganbatte kudasai!! Faito!! ^__^


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