Thursday, September 12, 2013

First IV in my life

Posted by engi at 12:58:00 PM
On Sunday I had vertigo, my throat sore and sneezing a lot. I thought I just catching cold. Bebe told me to take vitamin c to help my body against cold symptoms. That was work I was stop sneezing and my throat feel better, but my vertigo stand still. Wednesday morning I had vertigo again n my left ear feel hurt, I went to hospital with one of my Chinese friend to help me with translating. She told the doctor all of symptoms n then the doctor check my ear n mouth, he said I have an ear infection n I should came earlier before the infection getting worse. Strike one! >.<

The doctor gave me prescription to get IV , pills, n ear drops. What? IVs?! I never have IV in my life n now I must have 3 bottles IVs in a day for 3 days. After that continue with pills.. Strike two! >.<

My friend told me that in china they will give IV for almost everything. They love to make holes on ur vein! Lol

Poor me, I hate needles! >.<


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