Thursday, June 30, 2011

LFC free postage around the world

Posted by engi at 11:44:00 PM
Today I received notification on my Facebook account regarding free postage around the world from LFC store. FREE postage?! Anything free will always be interesting for me, lol. The program starts on 9AM Thursday June 30th and ends on 9AM Tuesday 5th June. Yes, it's a short time offer.. but it's worthed to try rite? :D

After searching for some products my eyes stuck on one product that very interesting.. huhuhu.. I want it -__-

It's 45,00 pounds. Awgh.. bad timing for interesting offer. It's a tight month, I can't buy it. Better to buy digicam for my shop T__T

Is there any generous person that willing to buy me this product? *put on pussy cat cute eyes mode*

- silent -

- and still silent -

- krik krik krik -

Okay nobody raise their hand..
I think having it's picture is enough for now, what a pain! T__T


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