Monday, June 27, 2011


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Yesterday I chatted with my friend. He was broken heart because the girl that he is in to found another guy. He was so upset, and felt like going to cry but he couldn't. I told him that he could cry sometimes when he sad, cry secretly in private room won't hurt your pride. But he said, "Warriors don't cry!" Humm.. is it very difficult for a guy to cry? Tears sounds like a sin to be released, that's what I understand from him. He told me that it was a long time ago since the last time he cried. he even couldn't remember how to cry. Just W.O.W!

I remember a movie that I saw when I was in junior high, the title was "Crying Freeman". I can't remember the exact story of this movie. As I remember this story is about a skilled assassin who sheds tears every time he kills. As I remember the freeman only shed tears from his right eye, I don't know exactly whether the novel version describe the same. In my opinion he cry only from his right eye because he actually hate to cry. A part of him is numb (refuse to cry!) and half of his soul are warm enough to feel the sadness every time he kills. Well, that's only my opinion...

When I was in high school, tears was forbidden for me (I was forbid my self -__-). Crying only show that I was a weak person. Karate girl should never cry! That's what I said back then. Somehow that's really work ^__^ By the time goes, more problem occurs when I am grow up as an adult. I've become more tolerant about this tears thing. Tears just like a friend of mine. I feel that it drives me to become weaker person.
Well, after two big problems happened in my life lately, I decided to cry less than before or even stop to cry. I was a strong girl, and I'm still a strong girl!

"Warriors don't cry!"
Maybe I cannot stop to cry at all, but at least I will try my best not to cry easily, just like before ^__^

Thank you DS, for show me how strong you are and remind me how strong I was!


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