Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Posted by engi at 9:16:00 PM
24 hours seems not enough anymore nowadays. So many things can't be done in this time frame. Does the time fly away so easily or just it's me who cannot manage my time well? The reasonable answer is the second one. Somehow God create time in a perfect way. In case I feel that that's not enough anymore, then that's my problem! Hahaha..

Time is relativity, depends on who measure it. For those who has busy day, time is just like fly away just like flashing. And in the end of the day you have not finish your work. Awful! -__- For those who has boring day or unpleasant activities, time is just like never ends. When you are not happy with your job, 8 hours working time is just like 8 days for sure.. haha.. Well, that's in my opinion:p

It's 8PM now, and I have not finish my work. I have 10 tasks today but I only finish 5 tasks:D Okay that's ashamed T__T I woke up late this morning, okay it was a bad beginning. A lot of thing to do tomorrow and I will try to finish all of my tasks tomorrow. My mom said that I work too hard and I need to get rest more. Even my notebook already complaining about it. Okay it cannot shout at me to tell about it. But it already broken it LCD to protest me. Yaich!! No budget for new notebook this month, so my dell pinko must work with "pain in the eye" for me. I'm so sorry -__-

Still need to manage my time well, to finish my job on time. To work effectively, that's mean more income to buy new notebook, hahaha!




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