Friday, December 11, 2009

How to Increase your PR? : Verse 1

Posted by engi at 5:22:00 PM

According to Bang Aip another way to increase your page rank is:
Use google image to search the answers of the question below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 People about your post. Sounds easy rite?

Let's roll the questions...

1. The Age of Next Birthday
Well, I will be 26th next year..  age is not a matter at all^^

2. A Place I'd Like to Travel 
A wish, someday.. even once in my life.

3. A Favorite Place  
I always love to go to bookstore, lost in the jungle of books is amazing experience:D

4. A Favorite Food
Soto lamongan ~ Is kind of Javanese traditional food made from Chicken

5. A Favorite Thing
My Cute Dell Pinko. My Best friend... always entertain me when I'm sad, connect me to the cyber world, support my work...

6. A City I was Born
Lumajang, speechless about it - - - - -

7. A Nickname I Had
ENGI - when I was a kid, I called my self ENGI instead of ELY because I cannot read "L" in a word ~ I change it to "NG". Weird isn't? But everyone surround me follow what I did, LOL..

8. A Favorite Color
BLUE - No reason.. just like it :p

9. College Major
Marketing management - $_$ 

10. Name of My Love
N/A - Sorry.. too private yo... 

11. A Hobby
Reading is the answer. I started this hobby when I was in kindergarten. Until now.. I'm a big fan of books!

12. A Bad Habit
Shopping when I'm angry ~ Not good for my finance -_-

13. Wishlist
It'll be a looooooooong list^_^ It'll hurt your eyes, trust me! LOL   

Okay... I've finish my part! Will my PR increase?! We'll see in few days.. I'll keep you update!!





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