Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Mothers Day... Thank You Mom!!

Posted by engi at 10:44:00 PM

It's 22nd December... It's Mothers Day!! I just want to say I love you mom!!!

If I should tell you how great is my mom, it won't be enough all day long. She's so incredible! More incredible than I ever thought before..

When I was a teenage, I never realize that she just so wonderful for her children. I only thought that Mom is Mom, she's a good mom but nothing more than that. I never thought that she has done so many things to raise me up along this years. Well I know she's raising me, take care of me, but I never realize how big is her sacrifice to make me here.. right now..

She was born me to this world, I never know that pregnant and having baby is difficult and painfull until my best friend have a baby. Then after that, I realize...WOW.. it was a big fight!! Having baby, taking care, giving  a good education... it's a long process and AN UP HILL STRUGGLE!! She must sell chips to help my Dad pay my living cost when I'm in university T_T OMG... I'm so proud of them^_^

I'm sorry mom.. for not understanding you.. sorry for all bad things I've done...Sorry for stay far away from you this last 7 years.. I'm sorry...

Thank You for Everything... I Love You Mom *_*


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