Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2012 - Hunting Part 2

Posted by engi at 1:11:00 PM
Yesterday nite I forgot must went to DVD rental.. How could?? Awfully forgotten T_T

At 7.30 PM I went to the DVD rental to hunt this movie, but guess what? I just few minutes late (again T_T), the DVD already rented by somebody else.. awgh.. means today I must hunting again! This movie should be good cuz a lot of effort I should do just to rent it!

Will back again with the review, after I got the DVD^_^

Keep hunting!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPDATE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

At last...got this movie at 7PM. Start to watch it at 9PM. First 15 minutes seriously watch it, then realize that the plot is slow and there are several stories tell.. started to sleepy.. didn't realize that already 11.30 PM and I fell asleep in front of my note book, LOL. How could I write review about it then? Well... will watch it again this afternoon with my friend, hopefully not fall asleep (again!!) LOL


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