Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Sad Song

Posted by engi at 5:05:00 PM

Yesterday, 19th December 2009 I went to my uncle burial, He's my Dad's little brother. He passed away because of accident, somebody hit him by motor cycle while he ride bycycle. The motor cycle front light was off that's why he can't saw my uncle passed the street, the guy was riding in the high speed so it's too late to take the break because he's already hit my uncle. Police officers arrest that guy now. He should pay what he has done.

Nobody thought that my uncle must follow my Dad to the other world. It's only two months from my Dad's death, it was 19th October and now we must cry again. Another sad song has sing...

This heart still hurt cuz you're gone
It's been fragile as ever tho' it looks strong
Nobody knows how hurt I am deep inside
Nobody knows how hard I pretend nothing fell apart

All this fake smile are still on my face
And those real smile have gone along with your trace
I wish you could know how much I regret being lost you
I wish you could know how much I love you

Dad, it's a sad song for you...


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