Saturday, December 12, 2009

Colors of Us

Posted by engi at 3:26:00 PM

A little boy ask a question to his elder sister...

"Sis, why Angels are always identical with white color?"

The elder sister answer, " Cuz they are pure as white paper, the never do sin in their life"

"Then why Devils identical with Black color?"
"Cuz they do bad things, ask human to do evil things in their life"

"So what color should human identified with?"
"Human are gray, they never been black or white cuz they are not Angel nor Devil. Human could be dark gray when they do bad things in their life, could also identified with light gray when they do good things in their life. Only human that permitted to choose the color that they want, so bro... choose it wisely cuz you must responsible with your choice in front of God in the day after"


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