Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wild Wild Trolley

Posted by engi at 11:58:00 AM
Yesterday I went to Carefour to shop with my boss and two of my coworker. We must shop for Lebaran parcell needs. We must bring about more than ten trolleys tto buy all those goods. From food and beverages until electronics:D

After finished counting all the bills we start to take the trolleys to parking lot to put it in our car. I took one trolley and push it in front of me. The funny thing happened when we must walk in the elevator that going down to the lower floor. My trolley is quite heavy since I was brought boxes of syrups inside the trolley. At the first seconds everything is just fine. Until suddenly the trolley was start moving forward and I can't stop it because it's very heavy. There's a woman in front of me, before my trolley hit her I shouted "Sorry, I can't stop the trolley!" Then she jumped forward to avoid it. But the next second my trolley is moving forward again, "Sorry I can't stop it again!" She moved forward again, but my trolley was chased her and push me to follow it move forward, and it's getting faster and faster. I shouted to her again "Sorry... move..move.. really can't stop it!!!" She realized that my trolley will hit her, and with panic face she jumped to the right side of the elevator and watching me running to chase my escaped trolley. Oh my God.... It's really ashamed!! The trolley was running away from me and just like crazy woman I was chasing for it, LOL. I can hold the trolley when it almost arrived in the lower floor, God... it's a big fight to controll this wild wild trolley!

I move forward without any courage to look back, but after few steps I looked back. My boss and my friend still laughing after watch what happened to me:D

But this trolley tragedy not only happened to me but also to my friend that just laughing at me,LOL. When she almost arrived in the lower floor, her trolley is stuck in the elevator. This stupid trolley didn't want to move forward so it push my friend to run in the same place such what you do with treadmill exercise, LOL another funny experience! She still keep to push the trolley to make it move, but didn't work! Two guys helped her to pull the stupid naughty trolley out from the elevator so my friend can stop running:D Ashamed... LOL

Awgh... what a wild wild trolley!! LOL


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