Thursday, August 13, 2009


Posted by engi at 9:50:00 AM
I woke up with smile in my face. I grabbed a glass of water then drank it. A perfect beginning for today.

Then I saw my cellphone. Remember what my bf told me last night, he want to resign from company where he work in because cannot stand anymore with people there. His subordinates. Suddenly I feel bad mood crawling inside my chest. He will become unemployment soon if he do what he plan. Awgh...

I dunno from where, but suddenly I feel sooooo... melancholic. I remember how I feel uncomfortable with my job lately, then I want to cried. I feels like I dumped by faith in this small weird city without any chance to move to better place. I feel so.. terrible.. What a sensitivity!

Tried to control my emotion by breathing exercise. Thank God it works, I feel better:)

I went to office this morning, again.. with smile on my face. I turn on my PC and start to work when suddenly my co worker slam on the phone until everyone in our room feel shocked. Emotion, I yelled at her "You dun have to slam on the phone like that, u're not the one who have ears around here!" I felt like something burning my head and need to blew it up! Oh My God... I must out from here! I ran to bathroom... Trying to release this stupid emotion in a place where nobody can see me. Few time healing exercise... quite help.. thank god...

Gotta back to work again...


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