Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday, Time to...

Posted by engi at 1:58:00 PM
It's Sunday! Time to be lazy girl! LOL

Yippie yippie yey yey... Sunday is one day where I could be relax and let go off my work stress. I luv Sunday... but sometimes this day makes me become the laziest person in the world:D Wanna know the reason?
1. Wake up at 6AM untill passed my Fajr Pray...Forgive me God:~(
2. Until 1PM still not take a bath yet (Okay, it's nasty!:p)
3. Stay in my room, dating with my cute DELL-Pinko since my date with my BF are being canceled cuz he got sick (get well soon Hun!).. blogging, listening nice music, while eating cashewnut milk chocolate and drink delicious jasmine tea:D
A complete set of laziness!!! LOL

Awgh.. I feel asleep again.. Okay That's it! I go to bath now! See U^_^


engi said...

dasar males2an di hari minggu :P:P:P

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