Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gold as Investment

Posted by engi at 12:21:00 PM
When I was in college my mom told me, "Don't waste your money buying electronics and clothes, it's wasting money! Try to buy gold jewelry for investment and you will looks pretty!" and I always laugh after she says that. Mom oh Mom... you know I dun like jewelries! I often lost my jewelries when I use it:p Well.. I prefer to buy notebook or cute clothes^_^

Time goes by... now I already have my own job and saving. Sometimes I remember what my mom told me in the past. And now if I think back, she's right. Buying gold is a good investment. When I bought electronics goodies, year by year the value will be decreasing because as we know that there's always be new invention and upgrades per year. That means our goodies already out of date:( The same case for clothes, almost every week fashion change. There's always be new model. It's good to be fashionable. But doesn't mean it's good to be shopaholic. As my mom said, invest your money for your future because you will never know what will be happen next.

Because I don't like gold jewelries I start to think other alternatives to keep gold as investment. One of my friend inform me about gold coins and gold bullion. I was quite exciting when she told me about it. I start to imagine that I just like a pirates, keep my gold coins and gold bullions in a treasure trunk, lol. Okay that's it... already out of topic:D Back to our topic, I start to think to keep gold coins. According to my friend there are a lot of different design choice to choose from around the world. Wow... incredible.. She show me some of her's: Chinese Gold Panda, Gold Canadian Maple Leaf, Gold American Eagle. Amazing... it's so.. beatiful^_^ I want to have mine...I will buy gold bullion soon!

I ask her where did she get those beautiful golds? She said bought it at GoldCoinsGain. It's an online gold advisor resource where we can buy bullion and give us free gold guide. In this site we can choose so many beautiful design from around the world (until I very confuse to choose because they are so beatiful), spot market prices, and also gold news update. All about gold in one site! Just like a gold heaven! Haha.. I like it!! The next step is to keep your gold in safety box and let them sleep well until their price rise up and then sell them and become the winner!

Let's start to investing!^_^


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