Friday, August 21, 2009

"Good Deeds Camp" called Ramadhan

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1st Ramadhan 1430H = 22nd August 2009 = Tomorrow^_^

As a Moslem, I'm very happy every time Ramadhan coming. It's such a big chance to increase my spirituality and a gift for me since in this month there's huge blessing from My God for people who'd like to do sincere devout.

Ramadhan is the 9th month in hijriyah year (Islamic calendar). In this month moslems are fasting until Ied coming. We believe that in Ramadhan Allah will forgive all sins that we made in the past when we do good deeds along Ramadhan such as fasting, read and learn our holly book (Al Quran), do Tharawih pray (pray that Moslems do after they do Isya' pray), do tahajjud pray (pray that moslems do after night sleep, mostly after midnight until before dawn), spend your money for poor people, etc.

For me, Ramadhan is kind of camp where we are trained to do good deeds and we deserve for spiritually rewards that makes our life peacefull and happy in this world and the hereafter. I can feel excitement to do good deeds in Ramadhan, especially in the beginning of this month because our environment (esp. in Indonesia) is very supporting. But when we are already in the middle until end of Ramadhan I can feel that it's getting difficult to do those good deeds. So many temptation that I feel, mostly because laziness start to come over:D I'm human.. Need extra effort to fight against this laziness..

The most important thing is whether after we pass this "Good Deeds Camp" called Ramadhan, can we still keep this good habbits in our daily along the year? This is the biggest question! Because most of people [Including me:(Bad girl!:~(] are come back to their bad habbits after Ramadhan. If we can keep this good deeds, this is the greatest reward that Allah give to us because we already spiritually one step ahead as a Moslem^_^ Strong willing and great effort will be the main key. Hopefully this year I will pass Ramadhan well and become a better person that able to help people surround me^_^ Amien.. I also wish all moslems will be able to received the bless of Ramadhan and become better people.. Amien...

Have a great Ramadhan!

Wishes from a scrubby...


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