Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Runaway Bride

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I'm not talking about movie with this title :p >> Runaway Bride (1999) : Julia Robert, Richard Gere, John Cusack << Tho it has the same content, but I'm talking about my dream last nite, lol. Yeah.. this is not my first time to talking about my dream in my blog. If you don't like it, so just leave this post! Haha

Okay, here's the story. I can't remember what's the beginning of this dream, but what I remember is I suddenly stuck in condition that I must marry my ex bf (yes, the cheater guy!) that day at 9am. OMG?! Even in my dream I don't want to marry him! It was 7am (my dream time:D) and I just suddenly runaway from that place and went to a family's flat that I believe will safe me. It was a kind family, I dunno who are they (weird dream again, lol). In my dream I told to my self that "I like someone now and I don't want to marry that cheater!" lol.. even in my dream his title was a cheater :p

I think this weird dream affected by what happened in my real life the day before...
* The cheater guy - contacted me for several times last week, and talking about nonsense. He will be marry this year and still contacted me talking about crap thing. Hello.. we're done! A friend told me that he's actually tried to cheat with me, checking whether I still interested to him. Well.. NOT ANYMORE man! Yesterday he text me said : it's raining in your city >> another crap! Don't u ever think that I will reply it, haha.. I was so annoyed with his text maybe that's why I dreamed about him, a nightmare for me.. lol
* Yesterday I feel sad. A special plan at the end of this month must be delayed until summer. Yeah.. feel upset.. disappointed.. yes, I cried yesterday :D >> sad feeling sometimes give us nightmare! T_T

It was a nightmare, at least I made it runaway from that stupid marriage in my dream, ha!


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