Thursday, March 1, 2012

Only in Indonesia : Errr... Rice Huller Vehicle?

Posted by engi at 9:58:00 PM
 Took this picture 2 days ago. I must follow this vehicle just to take the back part of it and also prelude it to take the front part. And my silly cellphone seem didn't like to take picture of it, and keep gave me warning "try again" every time I tried to take this vehicle picture.. really annoyed T_T

I'm not sure if there is this kind of vehicle in others country :D
This is actually normal Rice Huller that usually use by rice farmer. But somehow, the farmer modified it to a vehicle by give put the rice huller to metal foundation that already given wheels. And with mechanism that used in bicycle the farmer joint the wheels' liver with the rotary part of the huller by using kind of rubber belt. Does my explanation complicated? lol

Okay, below is the scheme of general rice huller :

And the rice huller vehicle picture is bellow, I hope you got the point -__-" I can't describe it well :p


Oh2.. I forgot something, I had similar rice huller vehicle that I took last year. You could see it clearer in pics below ;)

Funny and creative at the same time rite?
Well you could find it only in Indonesia! ^_^


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