Thursday, March 1, 2012

Liverpool FC Carling Cup Glory 2012 - Pics from dressing room

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You'll never walk alone.
Shirtless Lads.. wow.. wow.. wow.. lol

Dirk - Pepe - Maxi - Andy have fun! Btw Maxi looks like hobbit compares to Andy, lol

My fave player other than Stevie G and Dagger, yes... The Dutchman <3

Dirk - Pepe - Maxi

Luis - Andy
Somehow this pic is just too sweet for me, just like a newly wed. And Luis is the lucky bride! lol

Crazy Pepe!!!

Maxi - Skrtel - Luis


Our King Kenny! <3

Pepe - Andy

Dirk - Luis - Stevie
Our heroes!!

Bellers ^_^



Reds family

Guys! :p

Luis - Stevie

Pepe - Luis

Dagger - Luis

 Johnsson - Skrtel - Dagger
Party time!

Reds Family


Anonymous said...

Liverpool saved my life, its my passion

engi said...

Glad to hear that ^_^
Liverpool always become my inspiration since I was in school, YNWA

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