Friday, February 24, 2012

Only in Indonesia : Funny Overloaded Truck! :p

Posted by engi at 12:11:00 AM
Well, another post about pictures that taken some time ago, quite old one.. taken on Nov 19, 2010.
Geezzz Engi, where have u been? lol

It's about an overloaded truck. Seriously, it's overloaded! lol
Never ever try to load like this, it's very dangerous my friend... you could only find it in Indonesia, I guess? :D


There u go.. this truck was broken down and parked on the edge of the road. You could see how it looks like rite.. OMG! What's wrong with this people? How could they load that way? Of course it was broken down, look at the loading size :p

I stopped on the side of the road, and look who's coming? :D
The overloaded truck, came with his full effort. Okay, pay attention to the black smoke that surrounded it. Yes, it came from it's exhaust.. hahaha

And not until 50 meters it broken down again! lol
=)) =)) =))

* Well that's all for today... Only from Indonesia! *


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