Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hello February!!!

Posted by engi at 12:21:00 AM

Yes it's my fave month cuz my bday is in this month :'>
I always think that February is a month of love, not because we have Valentine's day on Feb14. For me personally, it just a weird feeling that I can't explain.

I always have my annual wishes for my bday. It just like a connection between me and God. My last year wish was to lead me to "the way" that enlighten my life.. well.. He made it comes true. I should thankful for it. Painful but really enlightened my life ^_^ And my wish for this year is.. I can't tell here, haha!

Oh, My driving license will be expired this month, and I still have no idea how's the procedure for it :D Well, will get some information soon.. Hope to get my new license by mid this month.

I always give present to my self every year, my last year present was a book titled "Tafsir Al Misbah". And this year will be.. I guess Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy book? Hhehe.. Does 3 books at a time a bit too much since I must pay for new driving license fee too this month? T_T Dillematic problem...

Okay, getting sleepy now.. just want to say Hello February!!


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