Saturday, February 11, 2012

MU 2 - 1 Liverpool (February 11, 2012)

Posted by engi at 11:32:00 PM

It is so sad for me as a Liverpool fan to see we lost against MU (Rooney 47', 50') after our winning against them two weeks ago on FA cup. We play bad yes.. but goal from Suarez () was give my heart a hope that we could at least make draw on the play. But well, we are not good enough.

Suarez - Evra issue still become a big talks. Since Suarez denied to shake Evra's hand and at the end of the game Evra celebrating the victory like a crazy monkey. In fact he didn't score at all, lol.. Was it a payback for Suarez for what he did? I guess yes, that's what Evra doing. What a shame Evra.. u really acting like a crazy monkey:D Well, Luis honey.. you should shake his hand at the first place not denied it. Both of you not a child anymore T_T But I admire Luis attitude at the end of the game that not affected by Evra's provocation. Good Luis! Well that's another story of today's game..

Feel upset? Yes I do T_T Liverpool is in the 7th place with 39 points.



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