Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Food Intake for Weight Gain

Posted by engi at 10:19:00 PM
I'm in weight gain program (again!) after loosing 6 lbs because of 5 days cold T_T Already gain 2lbs back after 2 weeks. Yes.. gaining weight it's a big deal for girl with high metabolism like me!

As usual I exercising before drink + take meal in the morning, and today I take...
(pictures I take from google search, too lazy to take pictures of my own today :D)

Breakfast : 
2 glass of water + 3 sunny side up eggs

Brunch :
A glass of cold choco milk + Banana

Lunch :
2 glass of water + a bowl of rice + a bowl of veggie soup + 1 pc fried tempe + 1 pc fried tofu + 2 pcs  potatoes perkedel 
Yeah.. big lunch for skinny girl, lol

Afternoon Snack :
Chunky Bar

2 Glass of water + same menu as lunch :D


Now I feel stuffed!
Hope today's intake will help my weight gain program, sure I ate a lot! lol


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