Thursday, May 17, 2012

Abs Workout Journal : Week 1 (May1-7)

Posted by engi at 2:40:00 PM
I already start abs work out program early this month. About 2 weeks run now :)
As I wrote before, I lost 6 lbs after get cold for 5 days on week 17. I need to gain my weight back. At the same time I have problem in my abs area. My mid section have fat that very difficult to get rid off. That's why I thought loosing 6lbs last month also give advantage to my abs, cuz at the same time I loose some fat there, lol.

I decided to do abs work out despite normal work out for the whole body as part of weight gain program :D
I started to find which exercise that might work for me. I decide to use Jillian Michaels video that I found on youtube below:

and also

I do this exercise about almost everyday. It's painful really T_T 
But believe me it's worth to try, I could see some changes on my abs shape :D Too bad I don't have pic of my abs before start this work out as comparison. But I took pic after one week worked out.

5'2" / 78lbs - Week 1

You could see the side part of my abs already have some muscles.. errr.. a bit muscle? lol
But look at the center part, that's what I called doughnut abs. The center part has fat that very difficult to get rid off. still looking for other videos to working on that part. Any advise?

For this week I haven't take any pic, maybe later. Will keep you update ;)

For skinny girls out there, don't give up girls we could gain more weight and have a bit curvy body, haha!


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