Friday, May 18, 2012

Abs Workout Journal : Week 3 (May8-18)

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Back to my abs workout journal, at last I took pic of my abs. Too lazy to do it last week, so we pass week 2 :D

My current abs workout is mixture between Jillian's abs mini workout video + stomach exercise for sexy abs video + 5 minutes workout at home video. I don't do the whole 3 at the same day, I just mix it random, 2 videos per day. But I always use Jillian's video everyday. Oh, I also do workout for the whole body. I think it also count to give contribution to my abs progress ;)

Please refer to these posts for videos :
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Okay, here we go...

Week 1
 5'2" / 78lbs
 Week 3
5'2" / 80lbs
>> Yes, I gain 2 pound in 2 weeks. Thanks to those food that sacrifice them self  to be eaten by me :D
>> As you could see, I have better abs muscle on the right, left, up, and lower part area (sorry u are restricted to see the lower part, lol). But my main problem on the center part (yes.. my doughnut abs) still remain T_T The fat are getting softer now, but we can see it still maintain it's existence! 
>>  Is it just me or you also see that my waist getting curvier?

Getting more passionate to get rid this doughnut abs off!
Are you with me? :D


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