Sunday, July 26, 2009

Worker Journal : The Beginning

Posted by engi at 9:24:00 PM
Call me Java. I'm an Indonesian woman that work as marketing staff in chineese wood moulding company in Indonesia. I was started my career ( if it could be called as a career of course) about 2 years ago when I just graduated from university. It's not job of my dreams cuz I do not like when people cutting trees, but the fact is I must work in wood moulding company that kills so many trees:( I cannot kept asking financial support from my parents. Being unemployment for about 9 months then the next 3 months as a shoop keeper and the fact that in Indonesia about 9% of labor force are unemployment gave me reasons to accept this offer because I need money! It sounds tragic right? I was a bachelor with good GPA but must accept offer that fight against my idealism just to get some money to support my life. There's pain in my heart but I must eat this bitter pills!

It's hard for me to start this job, not because I wasn't capable to do my job but because I don't like it's environment. Everyday I must walk passing logs yard before I can reach my office. And for me it's just like walking through trees cemetery! It's torturing! Another bad news was the fact that this company don't have standard system for worker's salary made me must accept lower salary than my coworker who has the exact same responsibilities. Bad news... bad news.. but I must survive here for two reasons:
1. Made my parents happy, I know they were sad when I was become unemployment and they don't have enough money to support my life:(
2. Being honest, I need money!
Oh my god... 

I know that when something started with doing things that you don't like, it won't be a good beginning for yourself, but somehow.. I pushed my self! I have reason to survive... And it will be the beginning of my story in this company. A story of Javaneese worker...


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