Saturday, July 18, 2009

Water - The Miracle Cure

Posted by engi at 10:14:00 AM

What if you could get, for free, a miracle substance to alleviate symptoms of pain, depression, chronic fatigue, attention deficit disorder, stress, hypertension, back pain, peptic ulcer disease, migraines, arthritis pain, colitis, chronic constipation, kidney stones, heartburn, high cholesterol, morning sickness, and obesity? You can. This wonder elixir is something we often overlook, yet it is available in unlimited quantities in almost every household. It is almost too simple to believe that even the water we get from our taps has the power to reduce and eliminate severe medical conditions. Yet in the next few pages you will see how water should be the treatment of choice for pain, inflammation, and autoimmune diseases. Instead of reaching for more drugs, that are increasingly expensive and often have negative side effects, we should drink more water instead. The water you use to treat your ailments doesn't have to be spring water or distilled; purified water from your household tap will do just as well.


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