Friday, June 1, 2012

It's June already!

Posted by engi at 2:50:00 AM

Oh it's June already!
Let's counting down the time.. it's about 6-7 weeks for our meeting time, yay!
I never thought that summer will be this special. Well I live in tropical country so I don't have summer, I only have rainy and dry season. And it is our dry season now, yeah.. it's HOT baby!

Time just flies without I realize it. I have so many things to do, and I feels like I don't have enough time. Let's see what's on the list for this month:
* Visit gynecologist
* Must get that dress
* Should get the shoes and backpack
* Should get suitcase
* Mine n my baby's docs, contact the officer
* Learning English grammar
* Learning Chinese -- OMG!
* Check with embassy about sworn translator
* Fix old laptop
* Should get new clothes for moving? I dunno...
* Pray, pray, pray ^.^

That's all the list for now.
Feel so nervous about this summer ~__~ 


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