Monday, June 18, 2012

Negative Thinking

Posted by engi at 6:25:00 PM

I think I've been too much thinking.. negative thoughts been taking over me T_T
I must stop it, I know I must stop it. Not chatting with me, and not even send me any message or reply it's too much already for me.. I keep thinking.. why he's not contacting me at all? Is there something happened? Bad news that I received this last few days really affect me.. I really don't want to receive another bad news that someone back off T_T Oh no.. it's the worst thing ever slip in my mind, I should stop thinking anything like this :(

I should believe in him like I believe in God. But the fact is I doubt him like I doubt God.. Hohoho.. what happened with me..

I need to reset my mind for sure. Please.. somebody slap me on my face!
I really need slap on my face.. or a kiss on my lips? lol

I won't let this negative thinking taking over me, I'm not that weak. I believe in you baby like I believe in God's fate. I must be careful with my thoughts for sure ^_^
I will do my best!



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